Army Ranks (My Choice)

Okay, so these are how I rank armies okay? Don’t fight back saying “this army is WAY bigger than that army” because this isn’t based on their size it’s bases on how I like them.

  • Nachos
  • OACP
  • Nuggets
  • Ice Warriors

1,000,000,000,000 armies later:

  • ACP

Well, I haven’t got to know  any others really but…

This next part is how I think of Nacho troops:

  • Akabob22: Never really got to know you but you are cool
  • Person1233 (Z Person Man): Very funny and cool; one of the best leaders
  • Linkin55: Never got to know you but you were cool and I know one thing: you like Linkin Park
  • Ltshaqcena10: Never knew you but I guess your doing fine


  • Puckley: Awesome; I can tell that you are the guy that posts everyone’s retirement speech (everyone except authors)
  • Zzztops: Funny; I remember the days when everyone treated you as a leader when you were general


  • Rca123456: Never heard anything about you really
  • Jayson23: I don’t know why you are on the ranks because you retired, you are in the hall of fame!


  • Videogamer57:I saw you leading an unscheduled event but that’s all
  • Rabo4 (Bew21): I don’t know anything about you really

Well, that’s it for now!

~~~Power In The Orange~~~



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