Weird Persons Following Me

Today and yesterday, I was walking on Fjord when these people started following me. I took some pics and I will put them up.

1. This “Hbcena” guy starts to follow me because I guess he liked my name or style. He was kind of a bot because he followed me but said nothing

bot #1

2. Hbcena folllows me more and does his best to clone me

bot #2

3. Hbcena leaves and I’m done for the day. The next day “Red0111” starts following me. He did his best to clone me but missed some parts

bot #3

4. Red0111 gets all the parts except the guitar and follows me

bot #4

5. I went to the forts and he was still following me

bot #5

6. I tried to lose him by standing at the entrance to the town and sure did I win there

bot #6

7. He follows me to the beach and I’m getting tired now

bot #7

8. I go to the lighthouse and click the “to top” button and I lose him :mrgreen:

bot #8

That’s all the pics I have for now!


One Response

  1. That was funny! My favorite was the one at the dock


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