Nachos vs SAP Un-scheduled War

Cahockey Here.

Yesterday, The Nachos and SAP had an un-scheduled war. I was just running around until I saw a group of 3 Nachos. I put on my hat and said “Okay guys”. “I’ll lead”. I said that because everyone there was a sergeant or soldier and I was a major. They finally agreed. I went to the cove and said “let’s all run to the beach”. They agreed and did it. When we got there, 2 people in this small army called SAP started following us. I said “Nachos vs. SAP at the Dojo”. That meant war. We went to the Dojo and battled (I have no pics). We went to the snow forts and battled for a bit. I then declared to go to Fjord because nobody was there at the time. We spent an hour battling on Fjord and it was fun.

1. Nachos and Midflame222 are starting to settle things with snowballs

sap war 1

2. We form a line and Midflame tries to attack it

sap war 2

3. Our line kind of “breaks” but we are still winning

sap war 3

4. I edited out this one because Midflame was being stupid

sap war 4

5. Midflame gets another member called “Pandakity”. I edited again

sap war 5

6. SAP runs away and the other 2 follows. Me and Penguin take one last pic

sap war 6

We try to find the SAP but we don’t find them. We lost Zapdos but Me, Signaal and Penguin meet in the Plaza. Me and Penguin had to leave so I just said “we can log off now”.



4 Responses

  1. Very Fun War!!!

    • wow it makes me feel fuzzy inside ha ha ha ha i did not not retreat i left to get the other nachos…

  2. remember me midflame222 im captain8

    • u think i forgot aye captain good buddy o the 21st all of sap is gonna be at mammoth so be there

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