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Idea meeting for Frozen Snowmobiles of CP!!!!!!

Cahockey 2nd Edit-

The recruiting session and the idea meeting will be tomorrow at the same place and time except the meeting is at 4:00 PM PST

Cahockey edit-

I am changing it to server Frozen because Slobbysnake can’t handle us having our meeting on his hometown 🙄

So at home grab a large peice of paper or small then think of some cool ideas that we sould do or you can draw a picture of something we sould change of the army.At 3:45 all of the people from this army will go to the dock on server Fjord on June 31st (Opps Im dophy like Cahockey its July 1st)ok July 1st meet me and Cahockey at the dock then we will say do you have any ideas then you can say me if you have any if you dont say nope then we will chose somebody dont worry we will get evrybody.Type all of your ideas one by one on the computer after  we will decide if we like them or not. If you have already have been chosen and we didnt like any of your ideas sit down if we did chose you and we liked one or two of your ideas stay standing up then we will say if we will use any of your ideas or not.Koko218


5 Responses

  1. I always like getting 1st comments

  2. hey……
    Fjord is my team’s hometown
    u have ur meeting at ur hometown
    -Foo Fighter


    Hey… you stole my idea of a hockey team. Do you see me getting mad at you? No. Well anyways, Koko didn’t know a thing about you having a team or mcnuggetboy having a team and fjord is the server she always went on so she made it that. I will tell her about your team and I will change it to Frozen.

    • Hey bone you watch out and I know nothing about you so say sorry and nobody will get hurt and Im changing the server to Frozen HAPPY NOW.NOT HAPPY Koko218

  3. Anyways……
    i created a cp hockey league
    we’ll have scheduled games, playoffs, and even a stanley cup
    join cuz im gonna have White House Penguins join
    so if ur team joins
    thats 3 ppl
    -Foo Fighter


    Good Idea. But I’m not joining for a few reasons.
    1. People will say “No my team won!!!” When they lost
    2. People will complain about the score
    3. People will say “No, I won enough games to make the playoffs!!!” When they didn’t
    4. People will say “No I won this series” when they didn’t
    5. People will say “No, I won the Stanley Cup” when they didn’t
    If you disagree with me comment back

  4. well
    those are some good reasons
    but im keeping track of everything
    like if theres a game that isnt my team, ill come and ref the game
    the games will be like 10 minutes long (maybe more or less)
    and i can be fair, mcnuggetboy can be fair, and u can be fair
    i only want teams with ppl that i can trust in them’
    so i wont have like acp noob hockey teams joining
    And like i said, i want 8 teams (4 east, 4 west)
    and the top 2 teams from each division will make play-offs
    then the two winning teams will be in stanley-cup
    no all star game though…thats too hard to manage and will resolve in a huge fight
    -Foo Fighter

    Hmm… You are right. You could come and ref the game. I guess I’ll join (Hmmph)

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