Cahockey Edit- It’s 10:00 AM not PM

The title is right. We need a practice before we have our game before Fjord Blazers. We will do red and blue teams.

To Slobbysnake (Foo Fighter): It’s ok if you come under your own team and your team can practice with us to. If your team practices, it will be us vs. you in a practice.

Date:July 3rd 2009

Time: 10:00 PST

Location: Frozen, Soccer Field

Reward: 3 Medals


One Response

  1. wow thats a bit late……XD
    i dont think much of my players will be on at theat point, maybe
    a few of us might show up
    -Foo Fighter
    ps. Bonez might be a ref for our game tomorrow
    pss. good luck 🙂

    Oops, 😳 I mean 10:00 AM not PM
    I’m not sure if you notice this, but you are the only one on the recent comments 😆

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