Game News

Me and Koko218 might not be able to come to the game today vs. Fjord Blazers. I want it to be re-scheduled because I am not someone who gives up and lets them win. I have told them that I have a 60% chance not making it so they can not say that they won.

To Slobbysnake (Foo Fighter): No saying “Yay, our team won” because I hve a 60% chance not making it. It will not count on the records until we have it when I can come. If you feel like you don’t care, and you say you won, the first hockey team ever formed in cp will drop out of your league. Thanks 😉


2 Responses

  1. i guess we can re-schedule it to the 18th
    but if either of u 2 come, it counts
    -Foo Fighter


    Thanks 😉 . It’s very weird how every comment you do (except spam) gets approved without me or koko doing anything 😀

  2. thats bcuz u guys made it like that
    u could change and have to approve every single comment like nachos
    -Foo Fighter


    I would like that, but I don’t know how

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