2nd Time Posting From Meh PSP

Ello, it’s Cahockey from meh PSP. Can’t post much, but I just wanted to say that the new smilies stink ❗ P.S. Why does the roll one look like 🙄 ❓ it looks like the sticking out tongue ( 😛 )



One Response

  1. I JUST LEARNED SOME oops forgot to not do caps lock okay better 1. 😳 2. 😆 3. ❗ 4. ❓ 5. 👿 6. 😈 I think thatS ALL OOPS NOT AGAIN IM DOPHY okay I better not do it agAIN DOUGH IM STUPID NOW I THINK I GOT It oh good it gone well Bye oh I almost forgot this one 7. 😛 this one is dumb it is the same one 8. 🙄

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