All Hockey Teams Read This!

I would like all members of all hockey teams to read this because it is important.

I would like to know if you guys want to sign the no-trade clause. To do that comment saying “X___________ Your Name Here, Whatever team(s) you’re on, Your Position”

After it’s done I will tell the league who has done it. Of course I sign it because I am not getting traded because 1. I don’t want to leave my team because then there will be one active person. 2. You don’t want to trade me because the person you traded might like this team and stay forever and I’d stay on my own team.

People that signed:

X______________Cahockey, FS™,Center

X______________Koko218, FS™,Left Wing

The deadline is July 20th 2009


One Response

  1. Foo Fighter here,
    well if some1 offers u a trade offer
    u dont have to accept it
    -Foo Fighter

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