75th Post!

Today we have reached 75 posts. I know it doesn’t matter that much but I wanted to add it because a milestone post and lots of events on the same day. Don’t you think you’d post? Today, lot’s of other things happened.

  • Music Jam (Tied for 1st in party rankings with me)
  • New Igloo Catalog (Ya, Kinda boring)
  • In  the week that the Walruses started invading.
  • The last game of the summer season.

Hmmph, I think that’s all.

Cahockey:71 Posts on here

Koko218: 4 Posts on here

I’ve also decided some goals for certain times:

  • 3000 hits by the end of July
  • Have at least 2 members of FS meat the PB before July 26th
  • 100 posts by the end of August
  • Have Foo or Nuggetboy show up to a game under my team from the starting of next season to mid-season
  • Have a post with 100 comments by End of August

Well, thanks for keeping me up here

~~~~Cahockey~~~~ (I would have done 75 if it would fit 😥 )


2 Responses

  1. the regular season will start after the music jam
    -Foo Fighter


    No it won’t, that’s in winter. It doesn’t start until the time where the ice rink is back and people can actually make the games because most people are outside at 2:00 or 3:00 so it’s actually winter that it starts. if you don’t agree, good-bye CPHL. You should just schedule more summer training games (Even though no one makes them) but wait until winter for the regular season

  2. well, i cant schedule more games now, since its the music jam, but maybe after the M.J.
    -Foo Fighter


    Umm…. M’kay.
    P.S. I edited your comment cause it said “musci” and I changed it to “music” 😉

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