The Best CP Catalog In History!

Today, CP released a new catalog. It is the best in history! They have brought back some rare items and released rare items. Here is the list of stuff I loved:

  • Gold Sunglasses
  • Orange Hoodie
  • Kite
  • Balloon
  • Star Necklace
  • Aqua Color

Here is a list of stuff I was mad at

  • Blue Sneakers

I’m mad at them because about 1/2 months ago, I bought a toy code and bought the sneakers. Well, there goes a waste of 6 bucks.

P.S. I must parade around today because my membership expires tomorrow. But this is my way to save some money for a bit:

Your membership expires 1 day after the new catalog. On the day that the catatlog comes, buy everything that you want. Then parade around with it on and stuff. After that day, live the non-memberness until the next party comes. When the party comes, get a membership so you can get in the member room. After the party, just keep it.


2 Responses

  1. i just am a member nonstop

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