FS Awards

The FS Awards are coming to planet Snowmobile! I will have some awards and I will choose the winners. (I have so many to use for inactive 😆 ). I am now a non-member 😥 but I will renew it on the day of the new party so I can get in the member room. I can’t get get all the awards yet because I’m typing on a slow computer that will take 2 seconds for a key to pop up 😕 . Also, can you comment me ideas for awards? (And Foo you can’t ask for best Find Four player 🙄 )


3 Responses

  1. best Find Four player Award


    You blew it! That isn’t my fault. I told you not to and you did 😕 . And the fact that you didn’t put a “jk” or “just kidding” beside it means you are serious. Anyways, you don’t know how I play. I do pretty dang good. That’s also impossible that you have lost 2 games in your life. Actually that means you have only played 3-5 games which doesn’t count. If you want to push it further, I’m ok with it.

  2. dude, i had a 100+ game win streak in school
    i went undefeated for like 2 months (it wuz in winter obviously)
    then some1 beat meh, i played them again, i won, and regained the championship|-)
    and i only got one thing to say
    Bring It
    -Foo Fighter
    o and ps. im retiring from all cp armies and teams


    Goodbye, it was nice knowing you

  3. ill still be on chats



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