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FS Story 2

Well I mad a story and here it is:


WHP’s Forward: Mcnuggetboy = Nugget

WHP’s Defense: Qqaazz = Q, Donut67890 = Donut

WHP’s Goalies: Dxman456 = Dxman, Bbgh123 = Bb

FS’s Forwards: Cahockey, Koko218 = Koko, Anderson4 = Anderson, Beduw5 = Beduw

FS’s Defense: Greenday184 = Greenday, Rider4429 = Rider, Candyboy8 = Candy

FS’s Goalies: Fredh8er = Fred

Some aren’t included as of being on both teams (Except Cahockey or Nugget)

It was a snowy day in White House, Southern Antarctica. The White House Penguins were challenging the Frozen Snowmobiles™. Mcnuggetboy and Cahockey lined up at the center line for the opening face-off. Cahockey won the face-off and passed it to Koko218. Koko rushed down and shot, but Dxman456 made the save. Dxman covered up for the face-off. Koko took Cahockey’s spot in the face-off circle with Mcnuggetboy. Koko won the face-off and passed it behind to Greenday184. Greenday gave it to Anderson4. Anderson rushed up, deked and scored! 1-0 Snowmobiles thanks to Anderson! The Penguins wanted to get back onto their feet and come and score. Anderson and Nugget lined up for the face-off in the center circle. Nugget won the face-off and gave it to Qqaazz. Q passed it to Donut67890 and Donut passed it back. Q rushed up and took a ginormous slap shot. It hit the Crossbar and the crowd was sad. Nugget re-grabbed the puck and scored with a wrist shot. 1-1 tie. Cahockey and Nugget lined up at the face-off. Nugget won it and rushed up, shot it and Fred made a great save. Donut grabbed the rebound and scored. 2-1 Penguins. The crowd roared until they went hoarse xD. The crowd all took some Fisherman’s Friend (those things that make your throat feel better after cheering a lot) and they were all fine 😀 . “LAST MINUTE OF PLAY IN THE 1ST PERIOD” said the commentators. Everyone went crazy for the last bit, then it was over.

The 2nd period was starting, and WHP decided to put Bbgh123 as goalie for this period. The Snowmobiles coach talked about getting back into the game. Everyone listened and they were energetic out on the ice. Cahockey won the face-off vs. Nugget. Cahockey ran up, wrapped around the net while Koko body-checked Q then Cahockey quickly put it in the net while Bb was at the other side. 2-2 Tie! The Snowmobiles all ran up to each other and did that “smack each others chest with your own” or whatever it is called. The face-off of Koko vs. Nugget was happening right now. Nugget won it, and gave it to Q. Q rushed up and shot it out of play. The face-off came back in and Anderson won it again. Anderson passed to Koko, and Koko rushed up and scored. 3-2 Snowmobiles. Nugget lined up to the Face-off with Cahockey. Nugget won it, and passed it to Q. Q gave it to Donut and Donut rushed up. He shot, and scored. 3-3 tie. Koko and Nugget came to the face-off.  Koko won it and passed it to Rider. Rider came up and accidentally gave it to Q. Q rushed up and scored. 4-3 Penguins. The crowd knew they would score so they  bought an extra packet or Fisherman’s Friend (and gosh darn did they need it 😆 ). “LAST MINUTE OF PLAY IN THE 2ND PERIOD” said the commentators. The last bit was just body-checking and shooting with misses.

The 3rd period was here and the Snowmobiles were very mad. They came out for the face-off of Cahockey and Nugget. Cahockey one it and passed it to Candy. Candy rushed up and slapped it but Dxman made the save. Dxman covered up while Cahockey was just about to rebound it in. The face-off was Koko and Nugget. Nugget won it and passed it to Donut. Donut rushed up and hit the post. Greenday grabbed it and passed it to Anderson. Anderson rushed up and hit the crossbar. The Snowmobiles are getting so mad that they couldn’t tie the game that Rider started a fight with Donut. Rider punched Donut and Donut punched Rider. They kept on punching until Rider brought him to the ground with a giant punch to the face. They each got suspended for the rest of the game. Cahockey lined up at the face-off with Nugget and Cahockey won the face-off. Cahockey gave it to Greenday and he came up. Greenday shot it and Dxman made an awesome save. “LAST MINUTE OF PLAY IN THE 3RD PERIOD” said the commentators. The Snowmobiles had to act fast. Fred headed towards the bench and the extra attacker came on. Cahockey shot, and missed. Koko shot, and missed. There was 2 seconds left, and Anderson slapped it in. 4-4 Tie! The Snowmobiles were dancing around like crazy while the Penguins were mad saying “how could we let this happen”?

OT was starting and each team was ready. Cahockey and Nugget lined up for the face-off. Nugget won it, rushed up and missed. Cahockey got the puck and passed it to Koko. Koko got it and rushed up. She took a wrist shot and Bb saved it. Anderson grabbed it and passed it to Beduw. Beduw came up and hit the crossbar. Cahockey grabbed the rebound and missed. Q grabbed it and sent it down the ice. Cahockey lined up for the face-off in the Penguin’s zone. Cahockey won it and gave it to Koko. The buzzer rang to end the period but the commentators were eating hot dogs so they forgot to say it.

The shootout is happening and here are each team’s lineups:

FS: Cahockey, Koko, Anderson

WHP: Mcnuggetboy, Q, then Mcnuggetboy would have to go again.

It is starting with Cahockey vs. Dxman. Cahockey rushed down. He deked but Dxman made a great save. Now it is Nugget vs. Fred. Nugget came down. He did a spinerama then Fred made the save. Koko vs. Dxman. Koko rushed down, deked then scored. Q vs. Fred. Q rushed down, and missed. Anderson vs. Dxman. If Anderson scores he will win it for FS. Anderson comes down and Dxman robs him with the glove. Nugget vs. Fred. Nugget has to score to keep them alive. Nugget rushes down, shoots it in top shelf. Cahockey says “Ok, it’s getting late so can we end this and call a tie?” “Sure” said Nugget. The game is now over with a tie.



2 Responses

  1. get ur own cookie XD

  2. OMG i was so good in that game!!!!!

    And what about the three stars???

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