What The Army Ranks Would Look Like

Here are what the ranks would look like:

Orange= Orange Division (Matterhorn (I gave it to LFACP and now I will take it))

Green= Watermelon Division (Mukluk (Must steal from LFACP))

Yellow= Lemon Division  (Snowmobile)

Leader- Cahockey, Koko218

Co-Leaders- Anderson4, Greenday184

Ambassador- Rider4429, Fredh8er


Head General- Mcnuggetboy

Grand General- Beduw5

General- Candyboy8


Major General- Naruto238









3 Responses

  1. what is it called the fruit force of cp?


    No, we would have had three decisions and we haven’t even switched to an army yet.

  2. but b4 the name is decided go on cp and c if it filters out cuz we need a name that doesnt so we canh recruit

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