Recruiting Week Is Still Going

It is going still, so get on Mukluk, Matterhorn or Abominable today and start recruiting. Say “SEARCH SNOW WARRIORS OF CP” because that shows on peoples screens 😀 .

Now about the invading Abominable part:

Well, we are finally invading Abominable. Here are the details:

Date: Thursday, I can’t remember what the date is 😀 , 2009

Time: 10:00 AM PST

Location: Abominable, Snow Forts

Other Info: We are giving no land grants on this server to ANYONE.

A new medals page is coming too 😀



One Response

  1. ok but u have to spam that name in a post so it always stays first on the top when you serach it


    No, I don’t need to. In the sidebar we have a thing that says “If penguins have told you to search “Snow Warriors of CP” you have come to the right place!” and that is what shows in the text on google or whatever you search it from.

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