Abominable Win!

Cahockey 2nd Edit-

Dang, it doesn’t work on my blog. Click on it for it to work.

Cahockey Edit-


Lol I love that spin, don’t you?

Yeah! We won Abominable! I couldn’t take any pics because I was on a slow computer because my fast one wasn’t working at the time. Well, we won Abominable. Now we need to patrol it or something. But it’s always full because I’m a non-member so I need all of the members to patrol it and non-members can take care of Mukluk and Matterhorn (Our rooms only. If you don’t know rooms, click here). I am scheduling a GIANT Recruiting Session (because no one is doing recruiting week except me 😕 ) and here are the details:

Date: Friday, August 28th 2009

Time: 10:00 AM PST

Location: Frozen, Town

Reward: 3 Medals (Yes, the medal page is coming! 😀 )

Other Info: We do not own the server, but we are recruiting on it.

Now I told you about a patrol, here is the info:

Date: Monday, August 31st 2009

Time: 10:00 AM PST


  • Snow Division patrols Matterhorn (Click here for the rooms)
  • Fire Division patrols Mukluk (Click the same above link)
  • Water Division patrol Abominable

Reward: 5 Medals

Other Info: If you are a non-member in Water Division, come to Matterhorn or Mukluk. Or if you are a member in Water and Abominable is full, come to Matterhorn or Mukluk

If you can make them it is great.

~~~Cahockey~~~ (Yes, It is winning the poll)


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