No One

I did the recruiting session, and no one was there. I got 4 people to search. 1 searching “Snow warrior (he forgot the “s”) of cp” another 1 searched “snow warriors of cp” and 2 searched “snow warriors club penguin”. No one joined though. I was the only one there, so I’m the only one getting 4 medals 😀 . If you comment saying you were there, you are a liar.

~SW Main Leader, CP Master, Cahockey


One Response

  1. recruit ppl at sleet and frozen where the rare pp, are who dont ask noobish questions like “where do ue serch?!?!1111!11@!!!”


    But when I use frozen, The people ask the n00bish questions. Like everyone walks up to me and does the ? or they say it stinks or “what do you mean search?”. It’s really annoying. But Sleet is the capital of the DW (Who just switched their name to something else) so I can’t recruit on there.

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