Today, we took on the titans in a PB (Practice Battle) and we won! We tried to use the best tatics we could. But when we joke bombed him, he’d run away. Same with emote bombs. But I have a great tatic that we need to practice on. The tatic is Chucking snowballs and when someone chucks one at you, you dodge it by moving. Then chuck more at them. If we can get this tatic done, we would be an awesome army. Here are the pics:

1. We wait for Foo Fighter (Slobbysnake) and practice joke bomb at the time


2. Foo arrives, and we do a fart attack!


3. I try to form a line but Koko doesn’t listen; I use my snowball tatic very wisely


4. I joke bomb him while he runs away; Koko sits there


5. I do another fart attack while Koko forgets the fart emote


6. I joke bomb him again, while Koko says “Hello” 🙄


7. Koko joke bombs him with me


8. We used our best tatics, so he surrenders


He also admitted himself that titans lost, click here to read the post.

~CP Master, SW Main Leader, Cahockey


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