Pic Lesson/ High Scores

So, I don’t know if all of you know how to take pics. You might, but I will teach you. Here are de instructions:

  1. Get where you want to be
  2. Press Print Scrn
  3. Press Ctrl+V in a Word Document
  4. Right click then select Show Picture Toolbar
  5. Select the Crop Button
  6. Crop until all you have is the CP parts
  7. Right click on the pic then select “Copy”
  8. Click the square in the paint document
  9. Press Ctrl+V
  10. Draw over it (If you want to), then save it!

So the whole point is for you to take pictures of how many tickets you get. Try your best to play the games at the Fall Fair and get tickets! Take pictures of when you get thousands and stuff. Then upload them on to your blog. There will be a link. Click “File URL”. Upload picture. Publish post, then click on the pic. When you do, go to the above part where it is probably saying yourblogname.files.wordpress.com/somethingsomething/ Copy that link. Then comment with the link! It’s as easy as that! I will edit over this post when I get pic of meh tickets.


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