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Ways to recruit

Hi guys. I just wanted to tell you all some ways to recruit.
Now this site needs recruits so thats why im pointing this out.
What we basically all do now is just recruit on Club Penguin. Well,alot of penguins are at an extreme noob level now and dont know where to search.So here are my tips for recruiting:
1.Go on to empty Club Penguin chats and spam the name to the top.
2.Copy and paste this site to cp cheat sites/army sites and ask if they want to merge or just join.
3.Cahockey,post your allie’s banners and have them post yours.
4.Private Chat the name to everyone on busy chats
5.If u see anyone on Nacho chat or ACP chat (most popular chats) that’s in this army ask them if they wanna recruit on cp on servers like Blizzard,Yeti,Frozen,Mammoth.
I don’t want you guys to get the feeling that recruiting on Club Penguin is a waste of time but the more ppl that show up to recruiting sessions the more penguins will search.So those are the main ways to get recruits to this site.
To Cahockey:try to schedule some more recruiting sessions so we can get this army going.
p.s.the banner for this site still is the Frozen Snowmobiles of Club Penguin so u might want to change that or get a new banner.
That’s all for now.

Cahockey Edit- What Banner?


One Response

  1. o u had a banner that said the frozen snowmobiles of cp on your nacho blog

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