PB With LFACP!!!

NOTE: PB is being rescheduled! Do not come to it!

AND, Kieran says we have been doing nothing. So I am scheduling a PB with LFACP. You basically do whatever I do. Here are some tatic helps:

Pizza Emote: Line wherever I am

Joke: Charge the room with jokes

Anything army type: Say the same thing and charge!

For the rest, I’ll make a tatic page for us 😉 Here are the PB details:

Date: Saturday August 12th


  • 10:30 AM PST
  • 1:30 PM EST
  • 4:30 PM Cahockey Standard Time
  • 6:30 PM UK (I think)

Location: Matterhorn, Dojo

Reward: Contributor Line and below: Promo. Contributor Line and up: 6 Medals

Greenday184 (Leader) I think deserves to be editor. I want your opinions. I’ll do the poll for Kieran being an author after the 5th post he makes with no swearing.

I think he does, so he will sometime. If the poll says no, he will wait a week. I need your opinions.

Well, that’s it!


4 Responses

  1. I think i should be an editor!….. Umm I think

  2. UK time is PST+8, and EST+5, so yes, you are correct.

  3. hey cahockey
    just stoppin by to say hi and……
    Im here to ask you if you would like SW to join the Small Army Union
    so far its just the Titans and Yellow Jackets
    were not gonna be like CPUN or Small ASrmy Council
    we’ll just have some get-togethers and have some pb’s
    and maybe have like 3 on 3 if we get enough armies
    and it will only be a LIMITED amount of armies that can join
    -Foo Fighter

  4. i didn’t vote i just viewed the poll

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