We’ve lost her

Cahockey Edit: I talked to her and she said She’s retiring

Yep, we’ve lost Koko218. She has not checked the site for 3 weeks. So she doesn’t deserve leader rank. So I think she will get a WEEK to comment on this site. If she’s demoted to Co-Leader, Greenday will be the only leader. Or maybe she’ll just retire. I don’t know. I hope she can come back, so we have another active. So on ranks, she’ll be leader in danger of demotion. And, there will be a max of who is on the Contributor Line and up ranks. The max for Main Leader is 1 (even if I retire, no one will be Admin so I’m the only main leader ever). The max for Leader is 2. The max for Co-leader is 2. The max for Ambassador is 3. The max for Brig Gen is 3. I’ll put that on ranks.


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