Guys… What’s Wrong?

Seriously. Greenday184 and Kieranmega Y haven’t checked the site in a week. What is going on? They don’t really deserve the positions they have if they can’t check the site. I bet that Kieran checks Water Warriors every day 🙄 and Greenday checks Blue Men Group every day 🙄 . If I recruit some active, I will give them you’re spots and you’ll be under the contributor line with you’re name RED (I don’t think you wan’t that). So if you come active, you can keep your spots. Anderson4 and Mathmatt are active. They check the site every 2 days (Which is kinda ok).


2 Responses

  1. uhh,u have been checking daily but there is really not much to comment or post about

  2. It’s true – all Kieran ever does is glue his eyes to the Water Warrior’s website, waiting for the “Who’s amung us” widget to stop saying “1”…

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