Just Wanting To Know

Okay, I just want to know this one. But you HAVE to comment what you picked. If you comment with what you voted, you get 5 medals. If you don’t comment with what you voted, 0 medals.

Don’t forget to comment!


6 Responses

  1. I voted 200-600 Days. Sweet I get 5 medals 😉

  2. I Voted 200-600 😀

  3. My penguin is 843 days old so I voted 600+.

  4. wait,what poll?

  5. o wait nvm,my pc is VERY laggy recently,i dont know why but the poll didnt show,and my penguin is 600+ days old. last,Date: Sunday, October 4th
    Server: Snow Fort*
    1:00 PST
    2:00 MST
    3:00 CST
    4:00 EST
    9:00 U.K.
    *With permission of usage from the ACP (Boomer20).

    Boiler Room: Akatsukis of Club Penguin :S
    Cave: Orange Flame Rebels
    Dojo: Club Penguin Rebels
    Dojo Courtyard: Tacos of Club Penguin
    Iceberg: Black Troops of Club Penguin
    Mine: Mysterious Freedom Warriors
    Mine Shack: Snow Warriors of Club Penguin
    Ninja Hideout: Purple Cobras Army
    i didnt know that u put us in this tournament but someone did and it has the top armies of cp in it

    I put us in there.

  6. hmmm im pretty sure Slobbysnake is like 1,000 days old!
    -Foo Fighter
    ps. wazzup cahockey

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