Yep, We are in a tournament. And it’s hosted by CPA Central! They get like 500+ hits a day, so that could cause some serious recruits! I asked for Iceberg, but I got Mine Shack. I don’t really care, at least we got something 😀


Date: Sunday, October 4th

Server: Snow Fort*


  • 1:00 PST
  • 2:00 MST
  • 3:00 CST
  • 4:00 EST
  • 9:00 U.K.
  • *With permission of usage from the ACP (Boomer20).

    Smaller armies can request an available room (white dots) by commenting on this post with their army’s name and a link to their army’s site. The current available rooms are:

    • Boiler Room: Akatsukis of Club Penguin
    • Cave: Orange Flame Rebels
    • Dojo: Club Penguin Rebels
    • Dojo Courtyard: Tacos of Club Penguin
    • Iceberg: Black Troops of Club Penguin
    • Mine: Mysterious Freedom Warriors
    • Mine Shack: Snow Warriors of Club Penguin
    • Ninja Hideout: Purple Cobras Army


    • Nachos
    • ACP
    • IW
    • UMA
    • WW

    I know it’s a tight squeeze for the Ski Village/Mountain area, but most of the fighting will most likely be going on at the Snow Forts area, so you can just set up at the Ski Village and then go down to the Snow Forts to fight. :lol: Also, I didn’t invite RPF since I don’t think they’re going to be using their site any longer.

    cpacentraltourney2009map.png CPA Central Tourney 2009 Map picture by Cpwoton

    Hope you can make it!


    4 Responses

    1. Hey. Im drigerbest, the leader of CPA. We are battling you 2mora. Good luck! U betta watch out cuz we r going

    2. Cahockey
      well about the co-leader thing
      Im not sure if i should accept it…
      i mean im too busy enough as it is
      but i think i can make some time
      -Foo Fighter
      ps. do we gotta chat?

    3. ok i was going into the war as ice warriors but now im going in as snow warriors.


      Sweet! You get 10 medals for that

    4. i cant come ill be in bed

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