CPA Central Tournament Results!

I got to the CPA Central Tournament and boy was it fun!! It was just me and Frothe1 fighting, but it was still fun. Throughtout the time, we were just battling CP Avengers. They were a bit bigger than us, but we had better tactics. Like when we joke charged, they said jokes making SW’s looking bigger. And when they joke charged us, we used the money emote. They never noticed that color pwns words. Then they would throw snowballs, so would we. At the end, everyone went to the snow forts, and my computer froze. I couldn’t get back on because Snow Fort was full. But at least I got 10 pics! Here are the pics:

1. It’s CPA vs. SW vs. FBP (Fire Buring Penguins). CPA charges SW with jokes, but we defend with color


2. SW vs. Fire Squad vs. CPA. We all thorw snowballs


3. IMAF vs. SW. We throw some snowballs


4. IMAF vs. SW vs. CPA. We throw more snowballs (Our Penguin’s arms should hurt now 😆 )


5. IMAF vs. SW vs. CPA. IMAF charges SW saying “Puffle Tank”. But they forgot that color pwns words


6. CPA vs. SW. CPA joke charges, but we defend with color.


7. CPA vs. SW. CPA joke charges again, but fail to our color


8. CPA vs. SW. CPA charges with color. We defend with color. Uh oh… who wins?????


9. Nachos vs. ACP vs. CPA vs. SW vs. GW. We charge the snow forts and there is a giant battle. My computer froze 😥


The only people there were me and Frothe1. If Frothe joins, he gets Ambassador rank and 10 medals


5 Responses

  1. sorry,i really wnated to be there but i was at this party that i was suppose to leave at 3:30 ans then we didnt.

  2. Hey that was fun! 🙂 It made up for the no shows of the BMG yesterday.

    I thought our tactics were very good considering we were not on a chat together and there was only 2 of us. Our joke bombs were effective and our defense emotes made us look strong until the #8 pic when they kinda overwhelmed us. Still now everyone knows how tuff the Snow warriors are. 😉

    Great pics by the way!

    • WOW I just noticed my penguin is left handed. LOL! Look at the #3 pic. Nice extension! 😉

  3. sorry i couldnt come i was in bed

  4. wat dus ww stand for????

    i have been off to long

    Cahockey: Where does it say WW? There is many different WW’s anyway. And BTW, do you press enter 13, 000 times when you comment?

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