Hey Everyone

Hey everyone, Im Foo Fighter, the new ambassador

Im a pretty good friend with cahockey

Im here to bring this army up to the top!

I am highly skilled in CP Armies, i know basically anything that goes on (yeah im just that good)

If u wanna know anything about meh(meh is my word for my) just leave a comment and I’ll answer it!

-Foo Fighter


3 Responses

  1. we all kinda know meh means my and welcome to the snow warriors army.

  2. Hi I didnt know I was taking someones place. I was just given the position for helping at the tournament. We can use the help to build this army thats for sure. 😉


    You’re not taking someones place. I asked Foo Fighter if we wanted to be it and he said maybe. But you joined before, so I gave it to you 😉 . But Foo Fighter decided to come back but the place was taken.

  3. im fine with being an ambassador just to let u know
    as long as i get to make posts, im fine
    -Foo Fighter

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