Can You Guess The Changes?

Here are the answers:

  1. The “Snow Warriors of Club Penguin™” is in orange
  2. All the links are yellow
  3. Foo Fighter’s post says “I’m a bad friend with Cahockey”
  4. His post says “I’m here to bring this army down to the bottom!”
  5. His post says “I’m lowly skilled in CP armies, I know hardly anything that goes on (yeah I’m just that bad)
  6. His post says “If you want to know anything about me leave a post or comment on your website”

Well, I got Google Chrome yesterday, and there is this one feature that lets me change the text in sentences. I did that, and I’ll be doing these word puzzles. I’ll give you one hint for it: Most of the changes are in Foo Fighter’s post. So comment all the changes! Each time you get one right, you get a medal! I’ll be doing these things A LOT. Here is the picture:


Remember: You get a medal for each change you notice

Answers on October 11th at 10:00 AM PST!


2 Responses

  1. how rude cahockey XD
    -Foo Fighter


    Well, you should have told me google chrome is spam! (Even though it isn’t)

  2. Im a pretty [good/bad] friend with cahockey

    Im here to bring this army [up/down] to the [top/bottom]!

    I am [highly/lowly] skilled in CP Armies, i know [basically/hardly] anything that goes on (yeah im just that [good/bad])

    Lowly skilled LOL 🙂


    You missed 3 things. But for the ones you said, you get 6 medals

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