Who Should We Go To War With?

Well, I’m bored, aren’t you? The poll said we should go to war, so I want to find WHO we should go to war with. It can only be about 4 or 5 active troops or less. Comment if you know any small armies (4 active troops or less) we could go to war with! I know we all want war, so we gotta schedule one. Oh, and I’m also going to schedule a PB with Koko218’s army, LFACP.


3 Responses

  1. i know one but i have to ask the leader im a leader of this army im going to say http://www.cpyellowjacket.wordpress.com


    Ya, I was thinking of declaring war on Yellow Jackets because 1. they stole the name and 2. Blake has been very mean lately

  2. well i dont know about who to choose but i have an idea
    Whenever meh and meh friends airsoft, we play attack and defend, well lets bring that to CP!
    its basically just practice invading, so it will give you experience on what to do during an invasion!
    It wont matter if you mess up, cuz its not a real one, just really useful practice!
    tell meh wut u think cahockey
    -Foo Fighter


    M’kay. Good Idea. You can make a post of it

  3. do i have to, im lazy XD
    -Foo Fighter


    You don’t have too 😛

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