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Frothe, Your Gonna Be Leader

Well, Mathmatt is no longer active to Snow Warriors of Club Penguin™, so we’re gonna give him one more chance. If Mathmatt can’t comment on any post or page by October 14th 2009, Frothe1 will be our new leader while Mathmatt is demoted to ambassador. Foo Fighter will take Frothe’s place and we’ll only have 2 ambassadors. So we’ll need to recruit an ambassador that is active. I’m also gonna make a tournament for small armies!


3 Responses

  1. i wanna be leader (cry2)
    -Foo Fighter

  2. Um so I guess I’m a leader now. 🙂


    Actually, Mathmatt commented on the complaints page. I told him how to comment on posts, but he didn’t listen so he only comments on the complaints page

    • Thats a little weird but um OK I can live with that.

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