Yep, War Is Coming

Kieran gave me a good idea. There is this army called “Yellow Jackets” (Not Candyboy8’s army, another one) and they only have 2 active. Kieran is one of the leaders in that army, but he was the one who told me the idea. There are 3 reasons why I’m declaring war on them.

  1. Blake1421 stole the name from Candyboy8’s army
  2. Blake1421 has been pretty mean to people lately
  3. Yellow Jackets have 2 active

I’ll get most of our allies to help like Water Warriors, Fire Squad, Nuggets, Blue Men Group

Now, here is a poll of what you think of this war. If “Stupid Idea” wins that doesn’t mean we’re cancelling the war. I’m not setting up the times yet, I’ll do that sometime later


One Response

  1. well we wont need more than one allies

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