Frothe’s introduction

Hello everybody this is me.
First a little history. I started playing Club Penguin just over 200 days ago. My first army encounter was with the ACP. I unofficially joined them to battle the Ninja Warriors. But after a day and a half they found out I lived in a dojo and banned me from the army. 😦
Then I found these funny guys wearing sombraros fighting against ACP called The Nachos. I really liked this army better and I found The Nacho website and joined. In 2 1/2 months I became a Captain in The Nachos until Akabob and Linkin quit. A rebellion started by a guy named Rabo. Rabo and I did not get along very well. All the mods joined Rabo so Person1233 gave him the power he wanted. So basically my Nacho career was over since I tried to stop the rebellion.
I tried to start an army with some friends Flo Rida111, Kkabc, and Plopkopmop called The Ghost Warriors. But since Kkabc (our leader) kept getting grounded the army failed.
So I joined the Ice Warriors and quickly moved up to the rank of Captain. I also joined The Blue Men Group and have the rank of Lieutenant.
During the last big tournament I found Cahockey in the underground mine area and saw he needed some help so I joined The Snow Warriors.

I am not allowed to play in any sports like PAL soccer or Little League baseball. 😦 But I can run really fast and like to bike all around. I like to draw cartoon characters and play the guitar a little bit. I also like airplanes a lot and hope to be a pilot one day.


2 Responses

  1. frothe1, we might just become good friends someday
    -Foo Fighter

  2. hey frothe! yeah im nmot in the nachos either but its not cuz i quit or retired

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