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Retirement Speech Contest

If you read the title, i’s a contest. I’m not saying you have to retire. I just want to know what your retirement speech would be like.  The contest goes to OCTOBER 22! The winner gets 50 medals and gets to lead a training session. Also, SW pwned Yellow Jackets today and I will put the pics up soon. Here is what I\m looking for:

  • A lot of writing
  • Who you’d give your rank too or if you’d want a poll for it
  • Your SW experience
  • Who you knew here/who you want to thank

Mine will probably be like maybe 500+ words.


4 Responses

  1. Im retiring (not really:))i would give my rank to reeceb i would like to thank everyone who is active. Cahockey is a great leader so people like him alot and when i retire i would like this site to not fall like nachos.

  2. I check your site at least once everyday, but I cannot comment everyday because I always have tons of homework and I’m currently finishing a project on modern British history which will take me about 3 – 5 hours (I just started it).

  3. Today is the day that ive dreaded…..

    Yes thats right im retiring….

    Ill tell you about my career:

    First Ever Army:
    Well one day i was playing on club penguin with my mate and i saw some people throwing snowballs with somberroes on Yes thats right its the nachos i first joined around the late 08s

    Joining Others:
    i joined a couple of other armies which i cant think of but there was quite a few

    Making Own:
    Yep thats right i made my own called the club penguin black navy run with my best friends (in real life) Joebo7 until it fell and it got boring so i merged.

    I Merged with the club penguin fighting army and became co-leader then the Fighting army merged with cpl (this is my highlight)

    The Great CPL:
    Yup i was in cpl the rank i got was a mod rank i needed 3 more promos to be an 3IC. Suddenly one day i went on to teh website it had changed…. It Turned Into RA

    The RA:
    I Hated that i wanted it to turn back but it never i made the wrong chocice it was ataully really Good

    Climbing the ranks:
    i was climbing the ranks in RA intil i got my highlight i got to 3IC yup thats right im 3IC now and everybody rescpests meh. Also
    i made a lot of friends in RA i will never forget….

    Other Stuff:
    I Also joined GW im one rank away from a mod 😀

    I would like danny to have my rank and also i stay a mod on chat?

    For The Last Time

    Stay Cool

    (This is my contest form im not retring)

  4. OK so I’m not going to retire for like 1 1/2 years. and to me its kinda depressing so I dont really have anything to say.

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