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You People Think I Don’t Read The Nacho Website

I was searching through the nacho website to see what was going on ever since my grounding, and I saw a post about “Ally Invasions”. I scrolled through the comments, and found this:


Well Foo, I didn’t make that post. I trusted Reeceb and put him as an author. And in the middle of when I was grounded, he made a post doing a main leaders job. He thought he had the right to enter an army into an invasion that he basically co-leads. In this army, Leaders are supposed to do Co-leader’s jobs and Main Leaders are supposed to do the Leader’s job. Reeceb also broke the advertising rule in that post. He had a hyperlink for EVERY army name he posted in there. So he will he a contributor for a week.


4 Responses

  1. I seriously think you’re just overeacting about this. 1). I wasn’t advertising; the hyperlinks were to benefit everyone so you know who you’re fighting with/against. 2). I included this in the post:
    “Cahockey, if you don’t want to help you can remove this post and leave a polite comment on my site stating that you don’t want to help.”
    So basically, there was no need for all this distruption when you could’ve just done exactly that.

  2. Reeceb is right, Cahockey.


    I don’t think this is the real Kieran. I’ve never seen Kieran use capitals or commas.

    • I told him that he’d be a better leader if he could learn to use capital letters, full stops and commas in a sentence; in other words, punctuate what he writes.

  3. Yeah, don’t bother replying to my comment, Cahockey. I’m sure absolutely no one is going to see what I’m trying to say.

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