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What Our High Ranks Can/Can’t Do

I just feel like telling you what our high ranks can/can’t do.

Greenday184 (Leader): Greenday184 can ask to set up PB’s, ask to set up invasions, enter us into his tournaments (only ones he made), ask to set up wars, and he can set up training/recruiting sessions

Reeceb (Leader): Reeceb can ask to do everything that Greenday can except he can only ask to enter us into tournaments (his only), he can’t set up invasions (unless he’s not scheduling ones against top 10 armies or they are ones that no one owns) and he can’t set up wars. He can set up training sessions and recruiting sessions.

Mathmatt (Leader): Mathmatt can’t do much because he doesn’t have a WordPress account. But he can schedule recruiting sessions/training sessions and enter us into his own made tournaments.

Frothe1 (Co-leader): Frothe1 deserves to be leader but can’t be because there are already 3 leaders. He can do EVERYTHING Greenday184 can.

Kieranmega Y: Kieran can set up training/recruiting sessions. Kieran can ask to enter us into his own tournaments.

Foo Fighter: Foo Fighter deserves to be co-leader but can’t be because the spots are full. Foo can do anything Reeceb can.

So now you know. And if I said “_________ can ask to set up ________”, just make a post and make it PENDING REVIEW! I check the posts everyday just in case a Contributor posts so I’ll see yours. If I forgot something on there, just tell me. If you don’t get to do the things you wanted, don’t complain about it, You’ll get a demotion. If you do something I said you can’t, you’ll either be a contributor (for if you made a post about something I said you can’t) for a week or you’ll get a demotion.


3 Responses

  1. Guys, the vote that Cahockey put on the sidebar asks you who the LEAST active leader is; not the most active so you can stop voting for me.

  2. i voted for myself cuz i havent made a ton of scheduled things on cp


    Ya, but you are like our most active soldier in commenting and posting after me. After me, Frothe has came to the most events.

  3. ya of course

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