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Training Session

UPDATE: Change of plan – Abominable is full so the location is now Snow Forts, Matterhorn.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to everyone for my apparent “inactiveness”, claimed by some people in this army – names will not be mentioned. I would also like to apologize to Cahockey for making the post about the invasion of Bobsled. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I still think you overreacted just a little bit because I left a note in my post stating that all you had to do was remove the post and leave a polite comment on my site that said something along the lines of “I don’t want SW to go forward with the invasion so I have removed the post from my site”. I also wasn’t advertising; like I said in the comment I made, it was to benefit everyone so you know who you’re fighting with/against. Now to the main point of the post, the training session.

If it’s ok with Cahockey (if it isn’t I will kill myself), I would like to set up a training session. First, let me tell you this saying I made up:

“Inactiveness is a curse in an army; loss of troops is a greater toll than death.”

The reason I tell you this is because I will become inactive if this post gets spammed with commments like “You’re not important to the SW so I’m not going!”. I might even quit this army if no one shows up, so just think about that.

Date: Saturday, 31st October 2009

Location: Snow Forts, Matterhorn


  • 9:00 AM Hawaii
  • 10:00 AM Alaska
  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 PM MST
  • 1:00 PM CST
  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 5:00 PM Mid-Atlantic
  • 7:00 PM UK
  • 10:00 PM Moscow

Make sure you’re on (not an advertisement) my army’s chat (how else would people know what to do at the training sesssion, because you don’t have a chat, Cahockey?) so I can issue you commands!

Cahockey Edit- You can’t make the training session 😆 no I’m just kidding. Anyway, Reeceb, you are quite important in SW. I might make the training session if I have early lunch but Reeceb, don’t you have Halloween?

greenday edit:i dont know how to do that whole edit with the colors thing but Cahockey,you should make an allies/enemies page.I would but I don’t really know who are our allies(besides water warriors and fire squad).

Cahockey 2nd Edit- The allies/enemies are in the SW Empire but anyway, here is the list from the page:


  • Fire Squad (*****)

Neutral Allies (Are allies, but before listed, they must help us in war)

  • Nachos
  • IMAF
  • Titans
  • Water Warriors


  • Every other army

The higher stars, the more enemies we are to them


  • Club Penguin Yellow Jackets (***)
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    16 Responses

    1. im at a halloween party O__O

    2. My Mum won’t let me go trick or treating because “It’s too dark and your friends are troublemakers” 😦 It’s so pathetic! Firstly, my friends aren’t troublemakers (well the ones I’d be going with aren’t), and secondly, who cares if it’s dark? I’m sure she’d be allowed out if she was 12 again.

    3. just tell her that you want to go just up your street

      • I live on a private estate so I can’t just go “up my street”. 😦

        • Your english right? if you are just start asking her and if she says no just say “im not going to go with trouble makers and im 12” and if she says no again just go aorund half of your estate 😉 hope that helped…

    4. o well the mall around me does trick or treating because it is a very bad city next to my town but i dont think any other malls do that

    5. Well the sun dont go down til 6pm so I can make it.

    6. Why does Greenday184 get to be an editor, Cahockey? 😦


      Greenday is an editor because he was with us even when we were a hockey team. So I can trust him more. Also, I’ve never seen him swear and I’ve seen you do a bit and that isn’t allowed not even a bit in this army. Anyway, You’re a contributor because… well, you know why. Instead of hyperlinks, say how many active troops or their size or something like that.

      • When do I swear?


        You used the “F” word on WW site and other bad words…

        • I always control myself and try to resolve the conflict without swearing.

        • u dont swear but u havent been to active with the posting cuz you’ve only made three posts i think

        • Ik, I usually don’t post much on sites that I’m not admin or editor on.

          You’d be an editor if you hadn’t made that.. well.. you know. And only main leaders are admins.

        • Well I suppose there was that issue with Blake being leader in the Water Warriors, but you can understand how annoyed I was when he wouldn’t stop swearing at me and put me, you and Kieran as his “b**** of the week”.

    7. i cant because GW are invading sherbet and i said ill go and its at the same time


      C’mon Kieran, you ALWAYS betray us for GW 🙄 , and you’re only a member rank in GW. You’ve never been to an event anyway 😕

    8. i dont know what to rank kiko as so ill let cahockey do it

    9. What I learned today. Never schedule anything on the first servers especially on a holiday cuz they are all full. Good to know.

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