Greenday, You Can Rank/Presidents and Vice Presidents

Greenday, You have permission from me to rank any person that joins to Corporal rank and that rank ONLY. Anyway, Now that we have enough active, I am going to make elections for presidents of certain servers. First is Matterhorn. If you want to run for Matterhorn, comment with your name, rank and why you are running for president.  We will make a poll to see who gets it. I’ll also be able to tell if you got your friends to vote for you. So every time you vote, you MUST comment your answer or your vote WILL NOT count. That’s how I’ll tell. And if you use someone who hasen’t commented yet, I’ll know by IP Adress. ENTERING ENDS OCTOBER 30TH!


9 Responses

  1. Darthman10 Matterhorn
    Vote for meh lad

  2. Name: Reeceb
    Rank: Leader
    Why I want to be president: I’m very organised and always keep my work up-to-date. I always control myself and never get too worked up so I’d be very good for consulting the enemy and trying to resolve the dispute if Matterhorn was invaded. My main strength in Club Penguin armies is negotiating, so if we ever lost Materhorn, I would usually be able to negotiate a share back.

  3. y are you demoting me from president?are you doing this with all the servers?


    I’m not demoting you from president! 😕 We’re just having elections for new ones because we have enough active 😕

  4. i would like to rerun
    I have expierence being president in two armies(spartans 4th generation and i was a TAFA president for a little bit).I have many ideas and great strategies for using servers (which i was told by my old friend that is in ACP).Also,i am very active and besides Cahockey,I am the second oldest active veteran in this army.That is why I would like to run for president.

  5. Can you change the times on my training session to 11:00 AM PST so I can make the GW invasion, Cahockey?


    What? Is the reward for coming to the invasion getting to be a leader? You can do it once your suspension ends (a.k.a. Saturday 31) because I can change you to author at 7:00 AM PST (3:00 PM GMT).

    • Why did I join this army if all Cachockey does is abuse me…


      I don’t abuse you! I only suspended you to a contributor for advertising. And that I have proof for! You could have just said how many active troops they have 🙄 .

      • Yes, but it is 10 times easier to put a hyperlink!

  6. Uh… my army would like to have a PB with you. If it’s ok. We are called the Hydro Warriors. To visit the site, click this link- , and come to the chat to talk to me or our co-leader, Vicxyz, about the battle times. I think you would agree with me that weekends are the best time for a PB, as the time difference is easier to manage. Thanks, I hope you accept, as it would be a great chance for both armies to be recognised. If no-one is on chat when you come, then leave a comment on the latest post on the site, and give us the times which you can make (preferably a good time for UK please), and we will organise it from there. Once I have the final times, I will come back to the site and tell you. The reason I am doing it this way is so I know what times you can make it, there or there about. Thanks!
    ~Lje98 HW leader~

  7. we should accept the PB just for something to do

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