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Just Sharin’ An Idea

Foo Fighter here, srry i havent posted in a while (long while)

Well today I was thinking on wars to increase war. When then it hit me.

It may sound a bit weird but…. If you’ve ever been a WWE Wrestling fan (like me) then you know what belts are

There are a few types of belts such as: WWE Champ, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and one tag team belt.

Maybe we can change the names around a bit, and change them to like: Army Champ(best army), Army Mediumweight(best medium army), Continental Champ(best small army), World Tag Team(best duo army)

It may sound very strange and messed up, but if we do have belts, armies will want to become a champion and will fight for a belt.

This could also help with deciding the Top Ten Armies.  And for those not understanding the tag team belt its basically two armies fighting another duo of armies.

The only thing we could do to make this work is to get a major army to agree to this

Tell me what you think

-Foo Fighter    P.S. srry its soooooooo long 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hey Foo this might be a GREAT idea. Instead of going to war over servers with allies and all that mess we could just fight for a belt title. No politics about whats right and whats wrong. Just a good old match-up of one on one armies. I like the idea. Probably start with a tournament. One fight on saturday and one on Sunday every weekend until you have a winner. Then the winner tries to hang on to the belt for as long as they can but have to fight every weekend with someone. Pitch the idea around see who might like it.

    • thanks for ur support!

  2. ya i used to watch WWE but then it just got old to me.good idea anyways

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