Your Opinions

Yo guys, I just wanted to ask you this question. Pick your opinion wisely!

Make sure to comment what you voted for and why (You get 2 medals for doing it)!



9 Responses

  1. I’d come to the army that I’m a leader in’s event because the army that I’m a leader in would be way more important and the army that you’re a member in wouldn’t matter because you can always wait for next event to get a chance for a promo

  2. Seriously guys, this is getting ridiculous! Who removed me from the site?! I’d better be added back on soon or else I quit!


    I didn’t do it! I’m the only admin on the site anyway, so someone must have hacked my account. Did you accidently click “Leave Blog”?

    • Also, I’m not voting becuase if one person votes for the second answer, I will get accused of “betraying” this army, so remember that before you go accusing me.


      I was never accusing you of that! If you voted for something and you commented with what you voted and the votes were exactly the same, I’d know you voted for what you voted!

    • It might have been my brother. Anyway, please can you just add me back on.

      • Oh nvm, thx for adding me back on.

  3. Fine then, I’ll vote for the one I’m leader in becuase I’m a high rank and I’d rather keep my high rank than keep my member rank.

  4. the smaller army no matter what rank i was cuz it needs more help

  5. the leader army
    The major army will be fine without u, the smaller army will not
    and also, u gotta help ur own army you created
    -Foo Fighter

  6. First off I join an army to be active so to sit it out is out of the question. If I am a leader then that army expects me to be there to lead. If I am a member and I dont show it should not really matter unless I never show which would mean demotion. So I voted the first one.

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