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Promotion Day!


Orange= Really Active, tries to come to every event

Green= is active, and comes to half of the events

Blue= They have commented a lot or been to 1 event

Red= Never been to anything

Black= Just joined (switched after a week)

Main Leaders (1. Max. 1): Cahockey


Leaders (3. Max 3.)Reeceb, Greenday184, Mathmatt


Co-Leaders (2 Max. 2): Frothe1, Kieranmega Y


Ambassador (3. Max 3): Foo Fighter, Darthman10, Mckewanman


Head General (0)

Grand General (2) Dannydinio, Candyboy8

General (1) Loonie 11

Major General (0)

Commander (2) Coldfreeze

Captain (1) Mcnuggetboy, Beduw5

Major (1) Rider4429

Colonel (1)- Fredh8er

Lieutenant (1)Naruto238

Officer (1)Pvgracie

Corporal (3)- Tat20s, Kiko 9989, Pengo629


Snow Division (Matterhorn):

Cahockey, Greenday184, Foo Fighter, Naruto238, Pvgracie, Mathmatt, Frothe1

Water Division (Mukluk):

Kieranmega y, Beduw5, Rider4429, Pengo629, Dannydinio, Loonie 11, Kiko 9989

Fire Division (Abominable/Snow Globe):

Candyboy8, Coldfreeze, Fredh8er, Jztink, Reeceb, Tat20s

Retired (R)/Fired (F):

Empoleon2042 (F), Ads354 (F), Wojanna2 (F), Junnk (F), Tryeuwqiop (F), Koko218 (R), Anderson4 (R)

Total Troops:



3 Responses

  1. Yay! 1st comment for this post and 500th comment in site history! Oh yeah!

  2. darthman hasnt been put in fire division yet

  3. how come i didnt get a promo


    3 reasons: 1. I’ve never seen you at an event. 2. You check the site every 4/5 days. 3. We have to 3 leaders already and anyway, Frothe1 deserves to be leader

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