200th Post!

Yep, this is our 200th post! Remember to join Greenday184’s new army!. Once they are big enough they will merge into us! Anyway, here are some people who helped us with this accomplishment:

  • Cahockey: 172 posts!
  • Greenday184: 10 posts!
  • Koko218: 6 posts
  • Reeceb: 3 posts
  • Darthman10: 2 posts
  • Foo Fighter: 2 posts
  • Kieranmega Y: 2 posts
  • Frothe1: 1 post
  • Candyboy8: 1 post
  • Mathmatt: 0 posts

Yes, I know that is a long list. Here are some goals:

  • 7000 hits by tomorrow (we are currently at 6994)
  • Have all leaders (excluding Mathmatt) and Frothe1 to have at least 5 posts by December
  • Have a war against another army by December
  • To have all nine active soldiers (everyone above ambassador) comment on an active check (any before January)

Also, I have a BIG announcement to make. I have one hint: One leader will thank me so much


One Response

  1. one goal complete!(7,000 hits)

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