Lets Have Some Fun!

Hey ppl its darth here and if you look at the end of the title it says F.U.N

Yep fun i was going to make like a party or a chat spam xD i was just checking it was alright with cahockey and greenday? you can choose which one we do and i will make the times and hopefully it will fit in.. but you see im english soo i will have to make it like at 8:30 for england on saturday?

Cahockey Edit- I would like to have the party, if that’s okay. 8:30 PM for England is 12:00 PM my time so yeah, okay.

Stay Cool



3 Responses

  1. im fine with both they are both fun

  2. Cahockey can you make times plz?

  3. 8:30 PM GMT is actually 12:30 PM PST, not 12:00 PM PST, Cahockey.

    Also, Darth, here are the times:

    12:30 PM PST
    1:30 PM MST
    2:30 PM CST
    3:30 PM EST
    6:30 PM Mid-Atlantic
    8:30 PM GMT (UK)
    11:30 PM Moscow

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