November Active Count

Just like an ordinary active count!

Make sure to include your Name, Rank, If you’re active or not, and why you think you are active! Last count half the people never said why they were active and just said that they were. Your comment will not count if you don’t include why you are active!

Deadline is November 10th!


8 Responses

  1. Frothe1
    I go to the site every day. Coment as much as possible. I try to attend any activities.
    I know I need to start posting some and I will soon.

  2. Darthman10
    Active beacuse i have made posts and commented allot all going to events more often now

  3. Cahockey
    Main Leader
    I’m active because I post/check the site every day. I also make 3.5/4 of the events

  4. Reeceb
    I’m active because I try to check this site every day and I would usually be able to make an event as long as it’s not against my army.

  5. Kieranmega Y
    I active because i look at this site 3 days a week

  6. Foo Fighter(Slobbysnake)
    I check this site about 1-3 times a day (except when I dont go on the computer at all one day)

  7. greenday184
    main leader 😀
    i am active because i post a lot and show up to events

  8. Raphle8
    I am active because I check the site 5-8 times a day and shall show up at future events.

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