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Party Times

Here is the times for our party 😀


3:30 PM EST

12:30 PM PST

8:30 PM Uk

Cahockey Edit- I edited the times due to A LOT of time mistakes. And, if you really meant 8:30 AM UK, then you and Reeceb would be the only ones there. Also, you only need PST, EST, and GMT/UK


9 Responses

  1. AHHHHH i posted the post???? i never knew i posted it….

  2. Ahhh i posted it??? Your joking… OH man…..? (sorry if i posted twice beacuse i think i havent posted ma comment)

  3. what is gmt?


    UK Time

    • GMT is UK time, but it actually means “Greenwich Mean Time” because that’s where the world’s time zones were invented.

  4. I dont think I can make it guys. I have a good reason. My family does volunteer work for the Giving Tree Foundation. They get toys for kids in adoption places so they have something for Christmas. We go to the wherehouse and help out. So this Saturday I will be busy. Have fun!

  5. Cahokey can you change it to a fruday insted if saturday plzzz? beacuse i may not be able to come… my mom schedluled somthing…. so friday all right cahokey?

    • People in America will be at school on Friday when it’s 8:30 PM for us.

      • True… What about Sunday? Its nearly time for teh party now but if no one is there i will schedle it for sunday

  6. Ahh we dont have a chat its 20 to 8 now and i dont know where to meet

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