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What’s Up With You Guys?

All of a sudden no one comes to events. The only event I’ve seen people at is the CPYJ war. Those people were Frothe1, Mathmatt (when he actually was active 🙄 ), and Mckewanman. And now, Frothe1 checks every week (it used to be day) 😥 , and Foo Fighter (used to be most active soldier besides me) checks every 3-5 days 😥 I’m going to schedule a recruiting session. And this one I want people to actually COME TO! No one went to the training session. Reeceb and Greenday184 said they could make it! I’ll make it on November 12th because I don’t have school 😀 . Here is the info:

Date: November 12th 2009


  • 12:00 PM PST
  • 3:00 PM EST
  • 8:00 PM GMT

Location: Frozen, Town

If you don’t come to this one (only if you said you can make it), your name on ranks will either be blue, or red, depending on what your name was before. If you said you can’t make it, you’re okay.


19 Responses

  1. I’m guessing that I can make it, unless I’m either having lunch, or my parents have to go to the store or stuff like that 😕

  2. i said i might make it and i dont think ill make this one cuz thursdays at 3:30 i have hockey and i get out of school at 2:00 so i will probably have a half hour of homework and then ill have to leave from there.sorry

    • and ya,ill stop askin that

  3. I check this site almost every day. At least 5 days a week. Who do you think is helping increase the population on Abominable? I told you I could not come to party saturday but if it was sunday I would of been there. I am getting more homework and it is getting harder to make more time. As for the recruit I will probably be in school at that time.

  4. I can definately make this one! Also, sorry I couldn’t make the training session I had some people round and I completely forgot.

  5. i will be there


    You have the 600th comment on the site! Congrats 😀

    • actually i might not be there

  6. I check site every day too.I’ll also be there

    • I also don’t have school. LOL

  7. Right i will try to be there!

  8. […] on November 9, 2009 Don’t forget the Recruiting Session! Click here for […]

  9. i cant make it
    I actually DO HAVE school
    and i usually check either every day or two days
    -Foo Fughter

  10. My mom has to go somewhere now, so I might not make it 😦 . But I can bring my laptop, the place might not have internet there 😦

    • Ohhh that’s bad one of the main leaders can’t even make it.D;

      • 😦

    • Cahockey Darkman doesn’t go on ever I’ve checked all the coments and there was not much of him.


      You searched up “Darthman10”, not his e-mail. Not much of his comments have the name “Darthman10” in it because his name is in fancy writing. Search up his e-mail, and you’ll see a lot of his comments

  11. ill Come along as i get a promo


    Kieran, you’ll only get a promo if 1. you promise to be active 2. Someone gets promoted to main leader.
    You’re not really active, Kieran

  12. Hmmm… Ill Be there Wating For all of you (d)

  13. […] Our recruiting session here […]

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