Cheat Website

Hello fellow Snow Warriors :). Just given you a heads up about the cheat website because it’s getting really lonely. Even ask Cahockey or Greenday. There so far one of the only ones who’s checked out the site . Cahockey said that Raphle8 also checked it out. Please join and check every day. Mmjjoo over and out 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I never said Raphle8 checked it out, Mmjjoo 😐 …

  2. Also Mmjjoo, just because I’m on it, this doesn’t mean you can’t advertise your cheat site everywhere 😐 . You will be put as a contributor for a week if you do it again, and then demotion

  3. Mmjjoo I will put the link on my twitter as a home page maybe you can get some people to find it that way. Well lets hope so. 😉

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