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We Should Get Another Main Leader

I would like to have three of every high ranks. So that would mean we would need another main leader. I want it to be Raphle8 or Mmjjoo, because they check the site the most. But the problem is that the leaders, co-leader and ambassadors might complain and quit 😕 So I would like all leaders to comment if they are okay with that.If one high rank says no, we will never have a third main leader, so make your decision wisely!


7 Responses

  1. no

  2. I like the idea of it and I’m already admin so might as well run it 🙂

  3. I guess its ok, but put me in the race plz
    -Foo Fighter


    The race is just Raphle8 and Mmjjoo because they are most active

  4. Srsly, just cuz they’re your BEST FRIENDS in real life doesn’t mean you have to leave out the other people who try to be active (me, Darth, Frothe, etc)… I do check the site like twice a day, but I don’t comment everyday. If you really want me to prove that I’m telling the truth I can comment everytime I check this site to show that I’m telling the truth, starting tomorrow (Friday). I also disagree if you’re not going to include all high ranks in this “third main leader” thing. It is very unfair when Mmjjo and Raphale 8 are both lower ranks than me.


    If someone as active as them wasn’t my best friend in real life, I’d still do what I’m doing now to Mmjjoo and Raphle8. I also check your site everyday, but because you post every 4-5 days, it’s hard to comment if they’re’s not anything to comment about. It would be impossible to include all high ranks in the vote. That would mean that everyone would get atleast one vote (from themselves) and two lucky people (The people me and Greenday vote) would get the main leader spot. I have actually done BETTER things to you than Mmjjoo and Raphle8. Think about it. What was you’re starting rank? Co-leader (and we had 2 ambassadors when I gave you that rank 😐 ). What was Raphle’s? Ambassador. What was Mmjjoo’s? Head General (Highest non-owner rank). You got promoted on the second day. I could have given the spot to Kieran, but I was nice and gave it to you. If I did what I did to other people to you, you’d be a Captain right now, so you’re lucky that you’re a leader.

  5. can i say what i think even though it wont count?



  6. ok well i dont know how much experience they have like have they been in armies before?

  7. A leader is someone you need to trust. Someone who is not going to trash your site or start a war foolishly. So if you think they are right for the job then I have no complaints.

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