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Possible PB/Team PB

First, I’ve asked if we can arrange a PB with Water Warriors. Second, I’m going to schedule a Team PB. It will be orange vs. green. Here are the teams:

Greenday184, Frothe1, Mmjjoo, Raphle8 vs. Foo Fighter, Reeceb, Kieranmega Y, Darthman10

The team leaders are Greenday184, and Reeceb. I want NO complaining about the teams! Orange will wear uniform with orange color. Green will wear uniform with green color. Here is the info:

Date: November 21st 2009


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM GMT

Location: Matterhorn, Snow Forts

Here are the rules:

  • If you go to the other team for any reason, you’ll get demoted
  • The winner is the team with the best tactics (I’m not on a team)
  • Only the leaders can order people around
  • If I don’t make it, Greenday will take pictures of the thing (if he doesn’t know how it will be Reeceb)

Hope you can make it!


16 Responses

  1. i dont have a photobucket


    All you need is a Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard, any kind of word document, and paint. First, press Prnt Scrn on your keyboard. Then press CTRL+V on the word document. Right clicm on the picture. It will say “Show picture toolbar”. Click on that. Then click on the crop button. Crop it down. Right click on the cropped picture. Then, press CTRL+V in paint. Then, save the picture as a PNG. Then upload away!

    • yes but i have nothing to upload it to see i have no photobucket,tinypic,or any of that stuff


      When I said upload away, I meant to WordPress (Your site)!

  2. and also,im getting sick of pb’s after this we need to have a war


    I know, right? You can look for armies to go to war with. I am thinking of declaring war on Blake1421’s army, Mafia Army of CP because he says I’m “inactive” in water warriors 🙄

    • we should destroy this army for beimng imposters(i know they stand no chance but the are not the real golds).

  3. http://megipoo.wordpress.com/

  4. This should be no problem for me to make it. We will pwn! 😉

    Also I got a photobucket I just need to clean it up a bit.

    I upload directly to Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album using the edit > “paste into new window” option. Then crop it and save to a file in My Pictures. Then upload to photobucket or imageshack. They are both free.

  5. Good luck. I know Kierian. She is in Gw and a loyal soldier.

    ~Riotors (gw main leader)

    • gold warriors rule.im in twa.one of your main allies

  6. im not trying to comlain but….
    The orange team has frothe and greenday the main leader….
    -Foo Fighter

  7. Hello if you see this im ballion54 leader of red bulls and I want war comment on my site if u want war too! http://redbullarmy.wordpress.com

    • i accept ill see what the other main leaders think

  8. i will make it unless you know what i mean

    • sorry i could not make it mr muckyfeet had soccer

  9. I am not on there?WHY?


    You’re not active

    • hmm

  10. Reeceb, Foo, Kieran, and Me What a Dream Team 😀

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