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Tactic Session Results/New Main Leader

The tactic session went great! Me and Frothe made it, and then Greenday came 10 minutes late. I will put the pictures when I’m back on my fast computer 😉 Back on my fast computer!

1. We joke bomb a penguin around


2. We emote charge


3. We joke bomb people in the town


4. We emote bomb people in the town


5. We joke bomb people in the snow forts


6. We form a vertical line with a new recruit who hasn’t joined on the site


7. We form a horizontal line and throw snowballs


8. Greenday arrives ten minutes late, and we form a vertical four-man line


9. We emote bomb the plaza


10. We form a four-man horizontal line


Also, Frothe1 will be a Main Leader! Raphle8 will take his spot and Mmjjoo will take her spot. Frothe can now do anything Greenday can 😉

Oh, and I want to see what it is like with no grammar xD:

“hi guys im cahockey. i lead an army called snow warriors. i own servers matterhorn mukluk and abominable.”

Boy was that fun 😀 !


4 Responses

  1. Congrats Frothe!

  2. and also,who was that other guy with us?



  3. Thanks Cahockey for the promo and Thanks Greenday! 😀

    All the main leaders made it but it is sad that the others did not attend. So we may have to double up our weekend sessions with one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon. This will give us a better insight on when people are available.

    ps: I told that other guy to meet us tomorrow at noon penguin time he also added me so maybe we can get him to join eventually.

    • ya he added me too

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