Igloo Contest!

We are having an igloo contest! It will go on until the 25th! The objective is to have the snowiest themed igloo. It doesn’t matter which kind of igloo you have (unless it’s a non-snow one), it’s the furniture that matters. Here are the people who will probably enter: Greenday184, Frothe1, Mmjjoo. Mckewanman rarely checks the site, so it wouldn’t matter. To join, answer these questions:

  1. What is your CP Name?
  2. What is your SW rank?
  3. Are you sure you’re a member?
  4. Are you Cahockey’s buddy?

The winner will get: leading of a tactic/training session, 500 coins (I let you win find four 50 times), and 100 medals!

This is going to be great!


10 Responses

  1. I recieved your comment Cahockey, and would like to point something out: My internet router decided it didn’t want to work, so I couldn’t make it. Therefore, as I didn’t know I couldn’t make it, I would like to organise a rematch. Same times and server, Sunday 22nd November? If I knew I couldn’t have made the PB, I wouldn’t ask.

  2. i was thinking that i have us all make our igloos snow theme then have a sw party in the igloos

  3. greenday184
    main leader
    yes,im a member

  4. mckewanman
    Yes I am a member

  5. *edited out*

  6. Sorry I can’t I’m a non-member. 😦

  7. Mmjjoo


    Yes I am a member


  8. Raphle8


    no but i still want to try

    uh hu(yup)(yes)(whatever)

    • you cant win unless you are a member

  9. 1.What is your CP Name? Frothe1
    2.What is your SW rank? Main Leader
    3.Are you sure you’re a member? I paid so I better be! :[
    4.Are you Cahockey’s buddy? Ca who? LOL

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