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PB= great success!/RECRUITING WEEK!!

Cahockey Edit- I took 21 pics, and I will put them up. I would like to thank Cahockey, Greenday184, Frothe1, Reeceb, Mathmatt, and Biiels with 10 medals. Biiels will get a promo also. Here are the pics:

1. We joke bomb HW


2. We form a line as Reeceb thinks it is the division PB and sides with the other army


3. We emote bomb HW


4. Reeceb joke bombs us because he thinks it is the team PB and we defend with emotes


5. We joke bomb HW


6. We form a line


7. We joke bomb them again


8. We emote bomb them again


9. Some Ice Warriors guy thinks that HW is IW. We form a line


10. That IW guys joke bombs us for a long time. We defend


11. We joke bomb once again


12. Mathmatt logs on as we form a 5 man vertical line


13. That IW guy joke bombs us again 🙄 . We defend again


14. We fart bomb HW


15. We joke bomb once again 😀


16. We form a vertical line


17. We form a vertical line as HW says something really stupid 😆


18. We form a vertical line and throw snowballs


19. We form a horizontal line and yell “SNOW WARRIORS!”


20. We form a line on the chat bar


21. We form a line in the soccer pitch


Also, we need to work on circles and double lines!

Well,the pb went great we totally owned.Me,Cahockey,Frothe,Reeceb,biiels,and mathmatt all made it.mathmatt left early though.We should promote biiels because he is active and he has a low rank.

I will schedule things but for now just recruit on chats and on cp when on your computer.Cahockey and Frrtohe,feel welcome to schedule something .That’s it for now.(Dont forget to recruit.)


5 Responses

  1. I’ll put up the pics in a little bit 😉

  2. good job guys!
    srry i didnt make it, I was outside playing hockey with my friend
    -Foo Fighter

    • i was playing street hockey 15 minutes b4 the pb

  3. Oh I was wondering why Reeceb was with the Hydro Warriors at first. LOL Yeah who was that IW guy? A little confussed I guess. I was suprised to see Mathmatt. Biiels did a good job leave some comments and let us know your around OK.

    • Yeah I think they tried to call in IW from the chat cuz they had a few IW.

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